How can you protect the fabric of your furniture from stains

How can you protect the fabric of your furniture from stains

If you have fabric furniture, whether at home or in the office, you have to take special care of them so that they look and feel great for years to come. When we talk about protecting the upholstered sofa, recliners, or chairs, you may feel like wrapping them up in plastic to keep them safe from stains. However, there are other ways to do it which are more practical. As you have paid much money on your upholstered furniture, you can look through our guide on how you can keep them looking new.

Different Ways to Safeguard Your Fabric Furniture from Stains

Here is a list of ways to protect your fabric furniture from stains, especially if you have pets or kids.

Invest in Stain Resistant Fabric Furniture

Prevention is better than cure is a popular adage that fits perfectly in this case. Instead of regularly calling your local Upholstery cleaner in Kent to deep clean your upholstered furniture, you can spend a little more to buy stain-resistant fabric furniture. This does not mean that you will not require the services of a professional cleaner, but stain-resistant fabric furniture will need fewer visits from a professional cleaner to keep it looking new. The stain-resistant fabric is a layer of guard built into the material when it is milled. Such a fabric also protects itself against moisture, mildew, and odours. The stain-resistant fabric is highly durable, and you can easily clean and maintain it.

You Can Use a Fabric Protector Solution on Your Upholstery

Stain-resistant fabric furniture is quite expensive; you can use a fabric protector to get the same kind of protection. Just spray this solution over your fabric furniture. This solution offers the same kind of protection of your fabric from stain as a stain-resistant fabric, at least for a few months. If you spill any liquid on the upholstery, it quickly dries and forms a protective coating. This coating is a barrier that keeps the stain from entering deep into the fabric. As the effect of this protection last for only a few months, you have to reapply it to keep your furniture looking great and protect it from spills and stains.

Invest in Some Beautiful-Looking Slipcovers

Using slipcovers is the traditional way of keeping your upholstery safe from spills and stains. Buy some beautiful-looking protective slipcovers that fit your furniture perfectly. The trendy slipcovers are available in different shades and materials. The slipcovers not only protect your fabric furniture from spills but also improve the overall look of your furniture.

These sleepovers are pretty easy to handle. You can easily slip them over your upholstery and take them off when they get dirty to clean them. Whenever you have guests in your house, remove them and reveal beautiful-looking furniture to welcome your guests.

Get Your Upholstery Professionally Cleaned Regularly

Even after taking all the protective measures, accidents may happen, and your fabric furniture may get stained due to any accidental spill. In such a case, you should immediately use a soft cloth to absorb the liquid to minimise the damage. It would be best if you do not useany detergent to clean the upholstery,or it could damage the beautiful colours irreparably.

Immediately call a professional, like your local Upholstery cleaner in Croydon that also provides upholstery cleaning services. Such a professional outfit has good experience, the right equipment, and knowledge to remove any stains from your upholstery without damaging the fabric.


We hope no accidental spills happen on your fabric furniture, but if it happens, you must be aware of what to do to minimise that damage. The tips we have shared with you in this article will help you to keep your fabric furniture looking great over the years. However, if a stain appears, you should always take the help of a professional to clean it with out harming the fabric of the furniture. A professional outfit like a Upholstery cleaner in London can get the job done and make your furniture look as good as new.

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