How to keep the Grout Clean without Damaging it?

How to keep the Grout Clean without Damaging it?

Grout plays an important role in not only keeping your floor and wall tiles secure but also ensuring that your room looks good. The grout is a filler that is used at the joints of the tiles. It is a mixture of cement, lime, colour pigment, and sand that hardens when it is mixed with water and left for some time. People often don’t take notice of grout until it gets too dirty to avoid any longer. Therefore, you should regularly check the joints of your tiles, especially in your kitchen and bathroom to see if there are any stains. The grout at these two places encounters water regularly (in addition to soap and grime). This makes the grout more susceptible to stains.

If you observe even a slight stain in the grout, then you should immediately clean it with a soft brush and water. However, if you are finding it hard to remove the stains, then you should call experts from a company like the tiles and grout cleaning in Coulsdon. Experts of such companies know what chemicals to use to clean the grout stain without harming it. In this article, we will share with you some tips on how to keep your grout clean and present a welcoming look of your home to your guests.

Don’t wait inordinately long to clean the mess

One good thing about tiles is that if you spill something over them, then you can easily wipe them clean with a towel. While it is true that it is easier to clean tiles compared to your rug or carpet, you should not wait long to clean the mess. The reason is,that if you let the mess remain for a longer period, then there is a greater chance that the stain would seep further into the grout, which will be then hard to remove. Some liquids like red wine can stain your grout if you linger to clean it.

Try to keep your tiles dry

Tiles should be cleaned regularly and although it can be hard clean your tiles without using water, you should keep the water usage ata minimum. Excessive usage of water can harm the filling of your tiles, which will make them harder to clean. When you regularly expose your tiles to water, then the chances of growth of mould increase significantly. Furthermore, if there is even a small gap in the filling, then the water can easily enter this gap and seep beneath the tile, which in the long run will damage the tiles.

Don’t use harsh chemicals

If there is a stubborn stain in your grout, then you should not try to clean it with strong cleansers. Using strong cleansers can damage the grout and lead to pitting or other issues. Additionally, you should not use those cleaning products which have dyes in them as these dyes can stain the grout. Furthermore, you should never use aggressive cleaning tools to clean a stubborn stain as it could scratch the surface of your tile. You must use soft cloth or mops to clean them.

Hire professional grout cleaning services

If your grout or tiles look stained, even after all the preventive measures that you have taken, then you should hire the services of professionals like the tiles and grout cleaning services in Banstead. Such professionals have the required expertise and tools to clean even the most stubborn stains on your tiles and grout and bring back the old shine.


Grout cleaning is a specialised job as you should know the type of chemicals to use that would not harm either the grout or the tiles. If you use any of the DIY methods that are available on the Internet, then you may damage the grout or your tiles further. Therefore, always leave such specialised jobs in the hands of professionals like a company that offers tiles and grout cleaning service in Corydon to see the amazing results.

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