Why is it Advisable to Seal the Grout after Cleaning?

The bathroom and kitchen get dirty quickly as soap and water are regularly used in these two places. You must regularly clean the tiles of your bathroom which not only makes it look welcoming but also ensure they are hygienic. If you don’t have adequate time to comprehensively clean your bathroom and kitchen, then you can look for professional cleaning services. When you are cleaning your kitchen or bathroom, one of the toughest parts is cleaning the grout thoroughly. Once you have done the hard work, don’t forget to seal the grout. If you are wondering why, you should seal the grout after cleaning, then this article will help you to make up your mind.

Sealing the grout after cleaning can prevent discolouration

A clean tile and grout look fresh and aesthetic. Staining on the grout lines can mar the beauty of the entire tiled area. Therefore, you must hire a professional grout cleaning service once or twice a year to make your floor look clean and hygienic. After cleaning the grout lines, it is advisable to use the grout sealant. As the grout are porous, using a sealant will act as an invisible shield for your grout and protect it against water and other contaminants that can otherwise discolour the grout lines.

Sealing the grout makesit easier to clean it later

Cleaning grout is a laborious job that takesa huge amount of time and effort. Therefore, if you use grout sealant after cleaning, then the invisible shield will repel any contaminants or dirt from getting attached to the grout. And if there is staining on the grout lines, you can easily remove it by wiping it with a soft sponge dipped in a good quality pH-balanced cleaning solution (recommended by the tiles manufacturer).

It can minimise grout damage

Sealing the grout after you clean it will help in preventing the potential grout erosion due to penetration of water and other contaminants. Unsealed grout is susceptible to getting damaged as they don’t have the shield to repel dirt and other contaminants. In the long run,it will make the grout soft and it will begin to crumble. This will allow water to seep under the tile, making the entire floor weakened. The water penetration under the tiles can create very serious damage which would be very costly to repair. Therefore, when you hire professional cleaning services, you must instruct them to seal the grout lines after cleaning to ensure their longevity.

Applying the grout sealant

The time the experts of the professional grout cleaning services will take to apply grout sealant will depend on the tile size. If you have small tiles, then you have to use sealant for a larger area and it will take a long time to complete. If the tiles are bigger then it will take short time to apply the seal to the grouts. While applying the sealant make sure that the grout is completely dry for better adhesion.


Cleaning of your bathroom and kitchen tiles and grout requires professional expertise. You should ask a reputable agency that provides professional grout cleaning services for a thorough job. To ensure that the grout remains protected you must ask the cleaning experts to apply a sealant so that the grout stays safe from water seepage and stains.

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