4 Common Types of Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them

4 Common Types of Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them

Carpets are one of the luxurious flooring options, but when filled with unpleasant stains, they degrade the overall look and feel of your home. Ask yourself – will a dirty and stained carpet enhance your living experience? Or will your guests feel nice or comfortable while stepping on an unclean carpet? Absolutely not. So, what is the way out you ask? Hire an expert from a reputable carpet cleaning company. Before they start cleaning your carpet, they first identify the spots and areas of stains for targeted treatment. When inspecting, they may come across different types of stains requiring special attention. In this blog, we tell you the common types of stains found on carpets and how to get rid of them effectively. So, keep reading to know more.

Organic or natural stains – Water-soluble stains like tea and coffee are extremely common yet they are quite difficult to be removed. Even if you have tried removing them using detergents or home ingredients, they are most likely to leave a stain behind on the carpet. Now, to remove these stubborn organic stains, you may use an oxidizing agent either in the form of raw ingredients or packaged products. If you are not sure which product or what agent to use, you should better leave the task to the cleaning professionals.

Petroleum-based stains – No idea what petroleum-based stains are? Ink, oil, and grease fall into this category of carpet stains. To get rid of them, you may use dry or organic solvents as they are effective in dissolving and removing oil-based soils from the carpets. Sometimes, water-based detergents containing wetting agents can also be used with dry solvents for cleaning purpose. Additionally, when cleaning an olefin or polyester carpet, make sure the dry solvent penetrates the carpet for removing soil and deep-seated dirt. Seems like a lot of work? Hire the expert and let them handle the task.

Synthetic stains – So, stains from wines or sports drinks are termed as synthetic stains and can be quite hard to get rid of. You can try dabbing a reducing agent on the stain with a wet cotton ball to wipe away the spot. But care should be taken so that the carpet colour or fibre is not spoiled. Do you need a fix for bleach spot repair as well? For all-around carpet cleaning and restoration assistance, you can directly contact a cleaning company and talk to the experts. Securing combined services can even get you to win attractive discounts from the cleaner. Sounds like a win-win deal, right?

Protein-based stains – Stubborn protein stains from blood, meat juices, and other bodily fluids grab onto the carpet fiercely. Hence, we suggest you clean pet urine or faeces as soon as you spot them. If you leave them as they are, these marks become darker and extremely rigid. It is only when expert cleaners apply specially formulated cleaning solutions that such stains can be removed from the carpet. Some may ask you to use DIY ingredients like ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, but we think you should refrain from experimenting and simply trust the experts.

Closing Thought – To remove dirt, germs, and all types of stains from your carpet, get in touch with Luxury Clean. The professional technicians at our carpet cleaning company use the latest gadgets and stain removers to breathe a new life into your home carpet. Contact now!

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