5 Essential Tips for Carpet Care and Maintenance

5 Essential Tips for Carpet Care and Maintenance

Installing carpets at your home is an investment. It not only beautifies your interiors, but also provides sufficient coverage to your floors. Depending on the foot traffic it receives, both area rugs and carpets go through some amount of wear and tear over time. From oil spills and grease stains to furniture dents and pet hair, there are plenty of reasons that damage the health of your rugs and carpets.This is why you need to hire the expert services of a professional carpet and rug cleaner to give a new lease of life to your dull-looking carpets and rugs. In this blog, we take a look at some of the essential care tips to follow that will make your carpets last longer.

Vacuum weekly

Regular vacuuming is one of the important tenets of carpet care and maintenance. It is considered best practice to run the vacuum after every three to four days. But if you cannot make the time, vacuuming once a week is a must. This keeps the surface dirt and debris from penetrating deep into the microfibers of the carpet. If your carpet experiences low foot traffic, a thorough vacuuming twice a week should be enough to keep the surface clean and hygienic. While vacuuming, remember to use the highest setting for the head of your vacuum or you may damage the end of your carpet fibres.

Address spills immediately

The secret behind easy carpet stain removal is to remove the spots and stains immediately. The longer you allow a stain to rest, the more difficult it will be to take it out. To ensure easy stain removal, it is best to act quickly. Most stains can be removed by lightly blotting them using water and a clean towel. Before using any special cleaning product, make sure they are suitable for your type of carpet. And always remember to not scrub too hard as it will damage the fibres.

Take off your shoes

Dirt and debriscan easily get transferred onto your carpet fibres by wearing outside shoes inside your home and on the carpet. To avoid this, always take off your shoes before stepping into a carpeted room. Sweat and oils from our bare feet can also transfer germs and dirt to the carpet. The best solution is to keep indoor slippers that can be used to walk on the carpet.

Walk off mats

Keep an entrance mat in every part of your home that has a carpet or an area rug in the room. Make sure that everyone should wipe off their shoes or bare feet on the mat before stepping onto the carpet or rugged area. This will prevent any dirt and debris from getting into your carpet fibres. It is a great way to prevent mud stains on your carpet.These mats should be vacuumed regularly to maintain hygiene.

Deep Cleaning

Get your carpet cleaned professionally every 12 to 18 months.Carpet cleaning services do a thorough job of removing all dirt, stains, and germs from your fibres. They make your carpet look fresh and clean once again, which extends the lifespan of your carpet.


You can hire the deep cleaning services of an expert rug cleaner to take care of all your area rugs and carpets at home. While they are definitely beneficial, following these maintenance tips will also ensure a good life for your carpet.

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