A List of Factors that Affect Lifespan of Commercial Carpets

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A List of Factors that Affect Lifespan of Commercial Carpets

Designed to withstand constant foot traffic, commercial carpets boast of more durability and longevity compared to residential rugs and carpets. So, is your commercial carpeting on its last legs? If you are planning an installation, you must know some factors that influence the life span of a commercial carpet before picking one for your office. Engaging a carpet cleaner is surely important to keep the newness of your office carpet intact but to know the factors that impact its lifespan helps you in the long run. That way you will know what to buy and how to maintain the carpeting of your office. Feeling confused? Don’t be. Usually, a commercial carpet can last longer than a residential carpet, but the duration depends on some crucial factors. In this blog, we tell you everything about them.

Backing of the carpet – Without choosing anything random, you should check the backing on the carpet tiles first. This is, hands down, the most important factor impacting durability of a carpet. So, when you choose hard-backed carpets, the pressure of foot traffic gets absorbed by the fibres, thereby causing rapid wear and tear. However, choosing a cushion-backed carpet is advantageous because cushions minimise the impact of foot traffic on the carpet fibre. As a result, the appearance stays the same without much distortions.

Colour pattern – Selecting a light-coloured carpet for any high-traffic area is never a smart move. Hence, you should pick a dark coloured and multi-patterned carpet that can hide the stains and dirt from getting exposed. As light-coloured carpets get dirtier more frequently, you may have to resort to the replacement option when cleaning services fail to the desired cleaning results. So, don’t you think it’s better to opt for a dark-coloured carpet in the long term? All you have to do is call a commercial carpet cleaner twice or thrice a year for its proper cleaning &maintenance.

Incorrect installation – Improper installation can make the carpet look loose, wavy, and unpleasant. And yes, you have guessed it right, incorrect installation does hamper the lifespan of your carpet. Most importantly, it spoils the professional ambience of your office space. To avoid this problem, you should hire a professional carpet installer who is capable of meeting your specifications. Regular grooming is, of course, important, but if not properly installed, carpets get more susceptible to wear and tear under rigorous use. So, select an expert installer for this job!

Moisture problems – Is moisture posing a threat to the environment of your office? Beware! It may cause severe health problems also. Do you know dampness may lead to mould growth and deteriorate the condition of commercial carpets? To prevent this issue from snowballing into something serious, you must remain vigilant and implement the right steps for combating the problem from the root. Install a robust ventilation system, use a dehumidifier, and make sure the bathroom gets cleaned using mould inhibitors. Pro tip – You should always change a flooded carpet if you want to keep mould or damp problems in bay. In such a case, investing in new carpet flooring is the best decision.

The way forward – For protecting the appearance, hygiene, and condition of your office carpet, you should keep these factors in mind as well as focus on its grooming by a professional rug cleaner. Do you want to hire an experienced and reliable service provider? Contact the professional team at Luxury Clean without any delay.

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