Care and Maintenance of Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Care and Maintenance of Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors look natural and their timeless beauty can last for years if it is maintained properly. The advantage of having a hardwood floor is that you can match it with any décor scheme which could be either traditional or ultramodern. These floors are highly durable and offer you excellent design flexibility. While these are some of the advantages of having a hardwood floor, it also has some downsides like it can attract dirt and are also prone to scratches. Therefore, let us share with you some tips on how to keep your hardwood floor clean and ensure its longevity.

Great tips to maintain your hardwood floor

The easiest and quickest way to clean the hardwood floor is to just to call a reputable hardwood floor cleaning service, but if you want to know about day-to-day cleaning tips, then read this blog.

Cleaned regularly

The best maintenance tip for your floor is regular cleaning. If you clean your floor regularly by either sweeping it or vacuum cleaning it, then it preventsthe buildup of dust, dirt, or liquid on your floor. Furthermore, mopping your floor once or twice every week is needed. During winter, a large amount of dirt and liquid could build up on your floor, and only through regular sweeping and moping, you can keep your floor clean and well-maintained.

When you clean your hardwood floor, then make sure that you are doing it correctly. To correctly clean your floor, you must choose the right tools. Some of the tools needed for hardwood floor cleaning include the following.

Use microfibre dust mop: If you use the traditional bristle broom to clean your hardwood floor, then it may leave some dust behind and if you try to use force, then it can make scratches on your beautiful hardwood floor. Therefore, use a special hardwood floor cleaning mop to clean your floor. Such a microfibre dust mop is an excellent tool for everyday cleaning. It easily cleans dirt, dust, and debris to make your floor look shiny and clean.

Hard surface approved vacuum

You can buy a vacuum that works perfectly both on your hardwood as well as on soft surfaces like your carpet. While it is true that hardwood flooring is very long-lasting, it can get scratches and most of the time this happens if you are either not using the right vacuum model or using it incorrectly. The hardwood floor vacuums have soft bristles added to their suction that don’t scratch the floors and can move easily over hardwood and other surface floorings.

Microfibre mops

The best way to clean your hardwood floor is by using mops and a bucket full of soap solution. When you are selecting the hardwood floor cleaning mop make sure that it is made up of microfibre which is excellent in absorbing moisture and removing dust without scratching the surface.

Hardwood cleaning solutions

Avoid water to clean the hardwood floor surface as it can wrap, or damage it with prolonged usage. If you are using water to mop the floor, then try to use it sparingly by only using a damp mop and not a soaking wet mop. There are high-quality microfibre mops that come with built-in storage for putting cleaning solutions with spray dispensing options. These are excellent for your weekly cleaning or emergency spot cleaning. Make sure that the cleaning solution you put in the storage is friendly to the surface of your floor (use a cleaning solution recommended by your floor’s manufacturer).


These are some important tips that you can follow to clean and maintain your hardwood floor. However, if you are looking for a thorough job, then you must hire the services of a hardwood floor cleaning company to get the best results.

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