Does Your Carpet Look Worse after Cleaning? Here’s Why…

Does Your Carpet Look Worse after Cleaning? Here’s Why…

Generally, we expect a flawless result after we clean our carpets or get them cleaned by the professionals. But, what do you do when you see that your carpet is looking even worse after being cleaned? Now, this can really be disappointing. Moreover, such an unpleasant cleaning result also means your money has gone to waste. In fact, when it happens repetitively, you may even have to end up investing in a carpet replacement sooner than later.

Coming back to carpet damage after cleaning, what do you think may cause such an issue? As your reliable carpet & rug cleaner, we discuss why your carpet looks bad after cleaning so that you avoid making mistakes and do the needful without wasting time. Keep reading to discover more.

Carpet wicking – When it is not deep cleaned, the deep-seated dirt in your carpet appears at the tip of the fibre after drying. So, these are not new stains, you see. Instead, they are old dirt that your cleaners failed to get rid of. Regular vacuuming and prompt removal of stains can prevent the deep accumulation of dirt that then appears on the surface upon cleaning. That apart, make it a point to hire a cleaner who guarantees complete removal of dirt from the base and surface of your carpet with deep cleaning. 

Improper rinsing – In a hurry to complete their work and impress you, the cleaners often don’t rinse the carpet properly. And this is one of the reasons why your rug or carpet looks bad even after cleaning. When not rinsed properly, the residue of detergents makes the carpet look sticky after drying and attracts more dirt. As expected, this half job done will do you no good and require you to call the cleaner or spend extra time on carpet rinsing. 

Not drying properly – Incomplete drying will make your carpet look wet and clumsy. So, before you hire a cleaner, ask if he will dry your carpet apart from performing other steps like pre-vacuuming, inspection, and rinsing. This is important because several cleaners do not dry the carpet, following the appropriate techniques. Whether it is for carpet dyeing or cleaning, always make sure that youhire a professional that executes his job the right way to deliver satisfying results. 

Damaged pile – Enduring heavy foot traffic every day, the carpet can get faded, worn out, or deflated over time. Not noticeable in usual times, the short or worn piles come into prominence after a thorough cleaning. So, because of this irregular pile height, your carpet may look ugly right after being cleaned. But, it’s just temporary because once you start using and walking all over it, the difference becomes unrecognisable. 

Final Word – Apart from the reasons we discussed, applying DIY tricks or wrong techniques without professional guidance can also leave an unpleasant look on your carpet. If you want to extend the longevity of your rug or carpet, make sure you rely on an experienced carpet or rug cleaner only. Luxury Clean is a reliable company that covers its customers with end-to-end cleaning services. Contact our team to get a quote today! 

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