Grout Cleaning and Maintenance – Our List of Top Tips

Grout Cleaning and Maintenance – Our List of Top Tips

Whether it is the kitchen or bathroom, tiles can enhance the aesthetics of any space of your home. Available in different colours and patterns, this flooring choice is a hit among homeowners. However, tile flooring comes with its challenges. Guess what is it? The grout and high maintenance requirements. It is a fluid that holds the tiles together and creates the foundation of tile flooring, requiring daily cleaning and upkeep. In fact, daily cleaning will often not be sufficient and you may have to call the tile & grout cleaner in Coulsdon or adjoining areas. Do you need some grout cleaning tips? Have you tried many tricks but in vain? Worry not! In this blog, we discuss the dos and don’ts of tile and grout cleaning. So, sit back, relax, and keep reading.

Never Mop – Do you think mopping will help clean your tiles just like it cleans hardwood floors? Well, that’s not true. When you mop the tiles, dirt and grease are more likely to get trapped into the grout lines. Moreover, if you keep cleaning the floor with the dirt-soaked mop, it is going to make the grout even worse. To be honest, mopping will actually do more harm than good in improving the appearance of tiles & grouts. So, if you have been mopping your tile floor all this while, you should quite this cleaning habit.

Steam Cleaning – Now that you know the perils of mopping, how do you clean tile and grout flooring? We suggest you use a steamer for effective cleaning. As this machine uses water to pull the dirt instead of releasing it on the floor, it can very easily restore the freshness and appearance of the grout. The vibration of the steamer can help unsettle the dirt and extract it effectively from the grout lines. So, you can give steam cleaning a try and see how it works for you. Want to engage carpet cleaning services for your living room? Feel to hire a carpet cleaner in Wickham or Coulsdron, whichever be your nearest location.

Grout Sealing – To prolong the lifespan of your tile flooring, you may consider using grout sealers once you have completed cleaning. Basically, it is a process in which sealers are applied inside the grout to prevent dust and water ingression. That way, you can clean grouts very easily without having to scrub them with all force. However, you should avoid using topical sealers as they can wear off over time. Instead, you can choose penetrating sealers for a long-lasting solution and better protection.

Hire Cleaners – One of the best ways to keep your tile & grout clean is by hiring expert cleaners. Since professional cleaners use industry-standard gadgets and special cleaning solutions, they can remove dirt and grease from the grout lines very effectively. In fact, they apply the jet wash technique to extract deep-settled dirt, algae, and mould from grouts. Based on your needs, you can engage professional services twice or thrice every year. So, hire the experts and see what difference they can make to your home aesthetics.

Final Words – So, are you convinced to call a tile & grout cleaner in Purley? To get the best cleaning results at the best value for money, you can get in touch with Luxury Clean. Want to request a quote or inquire further?Reach out to us at 0800 047 2292.

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