How to Choose the Right Upholstery Fabric for Easy Cleaning?

How to Choose the Right Upholstery Fabric for Easy Cleaning?

Are you planning to get a new upholstery item for your living room? Have you decided which fabric to choose yet? You sure want to purchase an item that is visually-appealing, durable, and of course, low-maintenance. However, the catch is when you buy an upholstery item its daily maintenance becomes inevitable. Apart from engaging services from a sofa cleaner from time to time, you will have to follow a cleaning routine daily as well. Wondering what could be some ways of saving your time and effort on upholstery cleaning? Well, in that case, choosing the right fabric can be of good help. In this blog, we discuss types of upholstery fabrics from which you can choose one based on the ‘maintenance’ criterion. So, let us begin then?

Leather – What could be better than a leather couch to enhance the elegance of your living room? Classy and comfortable, this fabric is also easy to maintain. Using a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner, you can simply get rid of minor spill stains. However, to conceal deep scratches on its surface, you will have to get your hands on leather polish. And that’s all about it. Impressed much? Feel free to get a comfy yet sophisticated leather couch for your home then.

Velvet – Sporting a vibrant tone and sensual appeal, velvet is one of the best upholstery fabrics out there. There is no denying velvet can accentuate the beauty of your room, but it can easily absorb stains and can be difficult to clean. Yes, daily cleaning may be somewhat challenging, but that is worth it when you consider the amount of charm this fabric is going to add to your home. Also, you should hire a professional cleaning expert for cleaning your velvet couch bi-annually at least.

Linen – High-quality linen is not only resistant to mildew, but it also does not let the dust settle on its surface. However, the only problem is this fabric can get stained quite easily. Since using water can lead to shrinkage of linen, you have to understand the cleaning code before you wash it with anything you get within your reach. Need to get the linen couch for your office cleaned? Call a commercial cleaner who can take charge of the task and deliver quality cleaning results.

Cotton – Looking for something soft, breathable, and budget-friendly as well? Then, cotton might be the right upholstery fabric for you. Although it is comfortable and resistant to fading, cotton can get stained and creased. As a result, you will have to be quick to clean the spots or spills and not leave them for getting absorbed into the fabric. Alternatively, you may go for polyester mixed cotton that is more suited for daily usage and can be washed without any damage.

Conclusion – Always remember that whatever be your choice, you should engage professional cleaning services for extending the lifespan and protecting the look of your upholstery cleaning. Now, the question is who should you call for taking care of these cleaning needs? Whether it is carpet dyeing, sofa cleaning or tile & grout cleaning, you can always count on the expertise of Luxury Clean. So, hurry up and get a quote now!

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