Shoes or No Shoes – What to Do to Keep Your Carpet Floor Clean?

Shoes or No Shoes – What to Do to Keep Your Carpet Floor Clean?

Carpet floors look extremely comfy and luxurious, don’t they? With soft carpet floors beneath our feet, we feel an inexplicable comfort and relaxation after a long day. But, the only downside is that these are high-maintenance. You may search with ‘carpet cleaner near me for engaging quality cleaning services once in a while, but you have to extremely cautious with the use of carpet in day to day life. After all, you cannot keep replacing your carpet flooring in every two to three years, right? But before anything else, you must know whether you should wear shoes or go barefoot at home. So, are you one of them who is finding an answer to this pertinent question for a long time now? In this blog, you will get an answer.

Outside shoes are a big no – Feel like throwing yourself down on the sofa after reaching home from the office? But first, take your shoes off before you step on that carpet. Do you know thousands of germs and bacteria reside in your shoes that you wear every day for going out? No wonder why outside shoes are called the number one enemy of clean and long-lasting carpets.

If you make the mistake of bringing that filth in your home, you are risking the health of your family. According to researchers and scientists, these harmful bacteria are dangerous and cause urinary tract and GI infections. So, it is not a matter that should be taken lightly.

Going barefoot isn’t a great idea either – Think walking barefoot can protect your carpets from dirt and stains? On the contrary, you should know that going barefoot can do more harm than good. The reason being, when our feet sweat, they act as a dirt magnet and attract debris and particles around the house to them.

Imagine what would happen if you walked on your carpet with such dirty feet? With stains, grease, and dirt on its surface, your carpet would look unpleasant and unmaintained. So you see, walking barefoot is not as much as a great idea you thought it would be.

Switch to indoor shoes – If you wanted advice from an expert carpet or rug cleaner, then he would probably suggest you keep a pair of indoor slippers. Keep these slippers right in front of the door so that you can switch from the outside shoes to indoor ones before stepping on the carpet floor.

To ensure only minimum indentations on the carpet, you should wear rubber-soled shoes that are not very abrasive and provide just enough traction. Added to that, you can also install an entrance mat where you or any of your guests can comfortably take off shoes before entering the house.

Conclusion – The luxurious finish of carpet flooring is matchless, but as you can see, your shoe choices can either preserve or destroy the overall feel of it. But, being one of the high-traffic areas, it is natural that your carpet will get dirty and there is nothing much you can do about it. So, what you can do is simply engage the best service of carpet cleaning in Banstead for deep & professional cleaning at periodic intervals. To hire the experts from Luxury Clean, call at the earliest.

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