What Are the 4 Things that Can Spoil the Look of Your Carpet

What Are the 4 Things that Can Spoil the Look of Your Carpet

Due to their luxurious texture and appearance, carpets are one of the most popular flooring options today. Right from residential homes to corporate offices, carpet floors are preferred for lending a plush feel to all kinds of environments. But, do you know that without proper maintenance your carpets can lose their original charm and feel? Yes, that’s right! In fact, if you are not being watchful, you might end up losing your favourite carpet to some of the most dangerous enemies. No, we do not mean to get you panic-stricken, instead, as the best professionals of carpet cleaning in South Croydon, we want to share some useful tips with you. So, take a deep breath and read what we have got to say. 

4 Things that Can Destroy the Look &Longevity of Your Carpet

Pet urine and faeces – As much as you love your pets, you will also have to protect your carpet from pet urine, vomit, and faeces for the obvious reasons. If you delay in taking the right actions, the smell might linger and spoil the freshness of your rug or carpet. Moreover, these excretions can distort the fabric and allow easy staining of the rug. Always keep vinegar and soda handy so that you can use them for fixing mishap caused by your pet. But, for better results, there is no alternative to hiring a professional cleaning service. 

Certain chemicals – Remember, certain chemicals are unfit for carpet cleaning and also harmful to humans. While there is no harm in using mild chemicals, abrasive cleaners should be avoided for the sake of the safety of your family or workforce. Whenever you are hiring a commercial cleaner in South Croydon, never hesitate to ask the type of chemicals they use for carpet cleaning. Perchloroethylene, Nitrilotriacetic Acid and Naphthalene are some chemicals that damage carpet durability as well as human health. So, make sure the professional is not using such harmful chemicals in their solutions.

Exposure to sunlight – Is your carpet exposed to direct sunlight? Although a mild dose of sunlight can lessen the likelihood of your carpet developing moisture or mould, too much of this exposure is certainly not desirable because it leads to carpet fading. Prolonged sunrays through the windows can break down the carpet fibre beyond repair. So, to minimize exposure to the sun rays, you can install window tints, use curtains, and apply UV protective panels on the windows. Wondering if a faded carpet can be restored? Talk to an expert and seek his advice regarding the same.

Common or paint spills – Liquid or paint spills are common and can happen any time by anyone, but you should be prompt to clean them right away. That is because when you allow them to settle in the fabric of your carpet, these spills can lead to long-lasting odour and stains. Therefore, as a quick measure, you can use home ingredients like vinegar or baking soda to get rid of such stains. But, we suggest you should book the professional services of carpet dyeing in Banstead for effective removal of deep patches of stains. 

Wrapping it up – As you have come to know the worst enemies of your carpet, you can now be more vigilant about taking the right action at the right time. Not only will you have to apply the right tricks and use some DIY ideas, but you also must not forget to hire expert carpet cleaning services from time to time. Contact Luxury Clean for all-round cleaning services at cost-effective rates today. 

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