Why should you hire a professional for hardwood floor cleaning

Why should you hire a professional for hardwood floor cleaning

Some owners, scared of the high price of hiring a professional to clean and polish their hardwood floors, opt to take on the project themselves. It’s easy for homeowners to underestimate the task’s difficulty and spend more money than necessary. To make the appropriate decision, consider why hardwood floors are better off when a professional handlethe cleaning. 

Hardwood floor cleaning equipment is bulky. 

It would be reasonable to expect the hardwood floor cleaning and polishing equipment to be as light and simple as a belt sander or hand sander. Floor cleaning machinery is typically bulky, inconvenient, and tricky to manoeuvre. 

When cleaning hardwood floors, only the homeowner knows if they are physically up to the task. Hiring a skilled professional hardwood floor cleaner in South London keeps you safe from getting hurt by lifting and carrying heavy equipment. 

Choosing the grit of sandpaper for hardwood restoration needs some skill. 

Sandpaper of a specific grit is required for floor refinishing machinery, just as it is for use on any household wood. A thicker grit helps remove paint and other coatings, whereas a finer grit is best for removing thinner layers. If you use the improper grit of sandpaper, you risk wasting time or maybe removing too much of the wood.

When sanding wood floors for a refinish, the appropriate grit of sandpaper is determined by the kind of wood, the coatings or coverings already present, and the amount of damage you wish to remove. A professional floor refinishing service will be able to assess a home’s flooring, determine which grit sandpaper is best for the job, and get to work swiftly. 

Sanding techniques need expertise and experience. 

Flooring refinishing tools require sandpaper, just like you’d use it on any other piece of wood in your home. Choosing the ideal grit of sandpaper is just half the battle when refinishing a floor. If the floor sander is not used correctly, it may leave swirl marks and other ugly streaks and create an uneven finish. On the other hand, if you know what you’re doing with a sander, the stripping required for floor restoration goes quickly. 

The proper use of a sander for floor refinishing cannot be learned through watching YouTube videos or browsing web pages. If you want your floors sanded without damage and the job done quickly and correctly, hire a professional hardwood floor cleaner in South Croydon

Walls and baseboards are damaged by improper sanding. 

It’s simple to wreck the surrounding walls and baseboards while sanding floors for a new finish. Dents, dings, scrapes, and other damage to baseboards and walls are expected results of running the sander too close to the edges of a room or not using the guides on a sander to reach the corners and edges of the floor. 

Floors need to be sanded to the corners, but no one wants to risk harming the room’s walls. If you leave lines of previous coatings or scratches at the boundaries of space, your refinished floor will seem uneven. 

Ignoring wood dust following sanding creates a problem. 

Some dust and debris will be left behind when refinishing hardwood floors, even using a bagged sander. While removing all dust before applying a new coat of paint or stain is essential. Most homeowners overlook this step, which may lead to an uneven and ugly finish.

To remove wood dust effectively, you’ll need a specialist cleaner like oil soap and careful attention to detail. Before applying paint or stains, a skilled wooden floor refinisher will vacuum the floor to remove any wood dust or debris that might affect the final appearance of the floor. 

Various materials are needed for hardwood refinishing. 

Choosing suitable paints, dyes, sealants, and other finishes for hardwood refinishing may be just as challenging as selecting the right sandpaper. You may have to sand your floors again if you use the incorrect coating. 

In addition, it might be challenging to learn the best methods for applying the stain, such as applying it, waiting for it to dry, and then wiping it off. The floors get too dark if you let the stain set for too long, but the colour doesn’t come out quite right if you don’t let it stay long enough. The beauty of your hardwood floors may be preserved by hiring a professional to refinish them.  Please read the following warnings before deciding that refinishing your hardwood floors is a project you can tackle independently. Don’t forget that hiring a professional to clean your hardwood floors in Kent could help keep you safe and extend the life of your floors. 

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