4 Questions to Ask Before You book in with a Carpet Cleaning Company

4 Questions to Ask Before You book in with a Carpet Cleaning Company

Do you want to get your home carpet cleaned by a professional cleaner? With carpet cleaning scams becoming rampant these days, we understand why you feel a tad hesitant when it comes to choosing a carpet cleaning company. But, to avoid falling into a scam, we suggest you do your research right and stay assured of effective cleaning results. Whether you want to hire the services of upholstery cleaning or carpet stain removal in South Croydon, choosing the right service provider is of utmost importance. By investing in a fraudulent company, you sure do not want to waste your money, do you? Hence, we tell you the questions you must ask your carpet cleaner before hiring his services. Want to know what those questions are? Continue reading below.

Is Your Company Licensed and Insured?

No matter how tempting an offer sounds, you should not step into the trap of any rookie company. There is no guarantee that the service provider will live up to your expectations. If you want the best cleaning result, you should entrust the responsibility of cleaning your carpet with a licensed and experienced professional only. Also, make sure the company is insured as well so that you can stay covered in case an accident occurs on your property site.

To know more, you can check the reviews and testimonials on the company’s website as well as other third party sites.

Can You Provide Previous Work Samples?

Remember, no true professional should shy away from answering questions. So before you hire an expert for carpet cleaning inSanderstead, you should not hesitate to ask for previous work samples. After all, you’re going to put your money into this. Of course, you deserve an explanation and the best cleaning service. While some companies may provide you with the recorded videos of their work, others can give you a list of references to contact for verification. All in all, proceed only when you are convinced of the company’s expertise.

What Cleaning Method Do You Use?

Bear in mind that not every cleaning company is applying the same method for carpet cleaning. Ideally, you should go for a company that offers hot water extraction of dirt and stains for your carpet. Not only does this process allow deep and effective cleaning, but it also prevents over-wetting of your carpet. As a result, your rug or carpet will dry faster with hot water extraction than with steam cleaning method. Should you need more clarifications, you can ask the cleaner to break down the process for easier understanding. A trusted professional will answer all your questions gladly.

 Do you Charge by the Room or Square Footage or room size ?

When you are soliciting a quote or interviewing the professional over the telephone, you should always ask if the charges are decided by the room or square footage. Also, this price factor might depend on a handful of variables like the carpet type, the area size, the amount of dirt and stains, and so on. Before you seal the deal with the cleaning company, you must find answers to all of these questions. That is going to save you from bearing the brunt of unexpected charges after the completion of work.

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