How to stop damage to your sofa?

How to stop damage to your sofa?

The sofa or your couch is a high-traffic area as it is one such furniture in the house that is used extensively. Furthermore, it is also one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in most houses. Therefore, if you want to maintain it in a good condition, then you would need a professional sofa cleaning service and correct usage. Many homeowners due to improper use of their sofa damage it in a very short time. You must know about these common habits that can damage your sofa leading to expensive repairs or replacement.

Mistakes while using the sofa

Here we will like to share with you some common mistakes that people make when they are using their sofa, which in the long run can damage it.

Always sitting in the same spot

Do you love sitting on the same spot on your sofa? If yes, then in the long run, you will find that the particular spot gets more wear and tear compared to other parts. Therefore, try to avoid sitting on the same spot repeatedly.

You are not cleaning your sofa regularly

In many homes, you will find that the homeowners skip cleaning their sofa. If you are also following this routine, then in the long run it can damage the sofa as dust would buildup on the surface and ruin the cover. Therefore, make it a practice to vacuum clean your sofa twice every week.

Overcleaning your sofa

Overcleaning your sofa can also create cause wear and tear as it pulls the fabric surface. If you find there is a stain on your sofa, then you should treat the area where the stain is only instead of cleaning the entire sofa.

Not using a professional sofa cleaning service

You must seek professional help once in a while to deep clean the sofa. If you don’t know any good cleaner, then go to the Internet and type upholstery cleaning near me and you would be shown all the sofa cleaning services that are near you. When you hire upholstery cleaning experts, then they use sophisticated tools and proper cleaning solutions to remove all the pollutants right from the fabric root of your couch.

Putting it under direct sunlight

If you are having a party outside, and you have put your sofa out, then it can lead to discoloration when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, if you have to take the sofa out, then either try to put it under a shade or put a cloth over it so that it is not exposed to the UV rays.

You may be using the wrong cleaning methods

If you open your Internet and type DIY couch cleaning you will find several hacks. However, keep in mind that all the cleaning methods are not best for every type of sofa fabric. If you by mistake adopt the wrong cleaning method, then it can damage your sofa. Therefore, before you try to clean your sofa, you must carefully read the warning given by the manufacturer about how to clean the sofa. If you are trying out a new cleaning solution, then first do a patch test to see the effect of the cleaning solution on the fabric of your sofa.

Jumping on the couch

If your kids regularly jump on the couch, then over time the springs may get damaged and your sofa will squeak when you sit on it.


These are just some of the habits that can damage your expensive sofa. Therefore, you must know about them to ensure you change your habits to ensure a longer life for this useful and expensive furniture.

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