Learn Interesting & Effective Hacks to Clean Your Suede Couch

Learn Interesting & Effective Hacks to Clean Your Suede Couch

Extremely beautiful and elegant, suede is a luxurious fabric that feels soft and supple when touched. Due to its rich texture and strong aesthetic appeal, suede is one of the highly sought-after upholstery materials for designing sofa, chairs, and armrests. Do you fancy suede products and even have a suede sofa in your home? That’s fantastic, but are you ensuring its proper maintenance? Despite its overall charm and exquisiteness, suede is a bit high-maintenance and requires daily care. If not taken care of properly, suede products tend to lose their beauty with regular use. While you must hire professional upholstery cleaning in Banstead annually, knowing some easy cleaning hacks can also be of great help for daily cleaning. When you know the right way of doing it, suede maintenance does not have to be a big hassle. 

Find here some hacks to clean your suede couch & chairs

Be quick to clean stains – Spilt your juice on the couch by mistake? Wipe it off as quickly as possible. You have to prompt because taking too long will allow the liquid to get completely soaked by the suede thereby leaving behind an unpleasant stain on the sofa. If you have some stain removal solutions at home, feel free to use it for quick cleaning. Or else, you can use some home ingredients like vinegar and cornstarch to clean the specific area. All in all, be prompt and do not let the liquid settle if you want to keep your couch stain-free.

Brush them often – The velvety texture of this fabric is surely captivating, but do you know natural suede can easily attract dust and lint? This means you have to be extra alert and careful about its maintenance. To prevent the dust from accumulating into its distinctive fabric, you must brush the surface of your suede couch at least once every day. Regular brushing can keep the smooth and glazy finish of your upholstery intact. But, make sure you are using a soft brush so that no damage is done to the material. 

Use Isopropyl Alcohol – If your couch is made from microfiber suede, you can easily apply isopropyl alcohol for the removal of stains. Created from nylon and polyester, microfiber suede has better resistance to dirt and can be cleaned without much stress. All you have to do is spray the alcohol on the concerning spot and give it a gentle rub using a sponge. Once you have air-dried the couch, you can vacuum it again for final cleaning. 

Buy Stain Repellent Spray – Have you been looking for a preventive measure all this while? Here it is! As per the experts of sofa cleaning in Purley, you can use a good quality repellent spray to keep your suede fabric protected against unwanted stains and dirty patches. If you have kids and pets in your family, then having a repellent spray is a must because these members tend to leave stains and dirt on your couch more than anybody else. 

Conclusion – Taking care of suede upholsteries does not have to be an uphill task, provided you know the dos and don’ts. Along with following the daily care tips we have shared above, do not forget to engage in professional cleaning services annually or bi-annually. Luxury Clean offers cleaning services starting from hardwood flooring and upholstery cleaning to tile & grout and carpet cleaning in Warlingham. To know more about the service features and price details, get in touch with the team now. 

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