Reduce Asthma Triggers at Home with Important Cleaning Services

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Reduce Asthma Triggers at Home with Important Cleaning Services

Do you have an asthma patient in your family? Or is your elderly suffering from a chronic respiratory disease? Visiting doctors and taking medicines can be helpful to some extent, but there may not be a permanent relief unless your home is free of asthma triggers. Wondering what we are talking about? Like most homeowners, you may not be aware that your homes can be hosting harmful germs and allergens thereby triggering allergies and asthma attacks in any of your family members. Thus, to maintain indoor air quality, you should take a number of essential steps including engaging essential cleaning services. Do you think hiring a carpet cleaner is all that it takes to eliminate asthma triggers from your home? Well, you have to go beyond that, friend. To know more, continue reading below.

Carpet Cleaning – Believe it or not, home carpets serve as the thriving ground of most life-threatening germs and contaminants. While daily vacuuming can help get rid of surface dirt, you need professional services for eliminating deep-seated dirt from the carpet fabric. Apart from engaging cleaning services, you should also follow maintenance tips like taking off outdoor shoes at the door, installing a walk-off mat, using a carpet protector, and so on. Taking these steps can be effective in improving the air quality of your home and thus protect the health of your loved ones.

Upholstery Cleaning – Do you know the couch that you find super comfortable is also responsible for triggering your asthma? Yes, that’s true. When not cleaned properly and regularly, your sofa or another upholstery item can host hidden germs, mould, and bacteria that lead to serious respiratory problems. Worried? Thinking what could be a way out? We suggest you hire a sofa cleaner for professional cleaning side by side with daily vacuuming. Using high-end gadgets, an expert can easily extract accumulated dirt and thus leave a fresh look on your upholstery.

Tile & Grout Cleaning – Not only do dirty tiles & grouts look unpleasant, but they can also encourage the mould growth in your home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Now, the task to remove dirt from the between the grout lines can be quite difficult for any non-expert. Also, mopping the floor can just weed away the loose particles without cleaning the dirty grout lines at all. Hence, we ask all homeowners to engage services from a professional tile and grout cleaner as and when needed. With deep cleaning, the expert cleaner can help eradicate the trace of allergy-causing moulds from your home.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning – Yes, hardwood floors attract dust, pollen, and infectious bacteria in a lesser degree when compared to the other itemsdiscussed here, but, these are not full-proof from allergy-triggering substances. Loose dust and debris on the hardwood floor can not only pollute the home environment, but they can trigger skin and respiratory allergies as well. Of course, you should stick to daily cleaning, but engaging professional cleaning services at least twice a year is sincerely suggested.

Final Thoughts – If you want to keep your home fresh, healthy, and hygienic, hiring the expert cleaners should never be considered to be a wastage of money. Instead, you simply need to engage deep cleaning services to protect the health of your family. No matter how difficult your cleaning requirement is, you can never be disappointed when you hire services from Luxury Clean. So, request a quote now!

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