Should You Hire Carpet Cleaning Service during Covid-19 Pandemic?

Should You Hire Carpet Cleaning Service during Covid-19 Pandemic?

The global pandemic of Covid-19 has sent shockwaves around the world leaving us helpless and vulnerable like never before. With the deadly virus spreading like wildfire, our day-to-day lives have been impacted tremendously.

Wearing masks, using sanitizers, and maintaining social distancing turned into our daily rituals to protect ourselves from the dreadful disease. Although staying indoor is suggested to contain the spread of the virus, it does not save you from following precautionary measures.

Cleaning and disinfecting the highly-touched areas of your home is not a choice but mandatory to eliminate every chance of virus infestation.

Now, many of you might wonder whether or not it is important to clean your home carpet as well? The answer is yes. Now is the time to engage the service of carpet cleaning in Croydon more than ever! Wondering why we say so? We can tell. Keep reading. 

Can your home carpet host the virus?

Corona virus can spread from one person to another through direct contact or droplets from mouth or nose. When these virus-containing secretions settle on any surface, they can live up to 4 days thereby increasing the chances of infecting others who may touch the surface unknowingly.

Suppose, an infected guest who is unaware of the contraction visits your place and sneezes by chance, you can guess what it can lead to.

Virus droplets on the carpet can remain active for days and pose a grave threat to you and your family. Thus, it is always important to take extra precautions especially at a time when human lives have become so precarious in front of an invisible virus. 

Along with cleaning the carpet, we would also suggest you clean the sofa and other upholstery items like armrest and backrest as well.

The reason being, these are the first places that come in contact with the guests visiting your place. Hence, you need to contact a cleaning company that offers both carpet & upholstery cleaning in Croydon. You may think regular cleaning is enough to keep your carpet or upholstery hygienic, but let us remind you that corona virus is no regular germ.

In this situation, deep cleaning is the only way out and you cannot substitute it with anything else. Are you hesitant to engage professional cleaning services? Do not be. We will share the reasons with you.

Should you hire a professional cleaning service?

While you were unhesitant to hire professional cleaning service in the pre-COVID period, you are scared to receive cleaners into your home due to fear of the virus. Is it not? We understand your concern but you can keep these worries at bay by hiring services from a responsible cleaning company.

To ensure everyone’s safety, professional cleaners wear personal protective equipment such as masks, disposable gloves, and shoe covers. For maintaining social distancing, they can arrive at your place in lesser numbers and keep distance from you as well. Any committed and responsible cleaning company will never downplay the importance of taking precautionary measures in this worrisome situation. 

With cleanliness and hygiene becoming extremely important today, investing in professional cleaning service has become a necessity.

As the virus is capable of staying active on surfaces for a long period of time, only deep cleaning using powerful gadgets, effective solutions, and the right techniques can wipe them off.

For its hot temperature, steam wash or hot water extraction method can destroy the virus effectively thereby restoring the hygiene of your carpet and upholstery. When you use regular detergents, you cannot be sanguine of guaranteed results.

If precautions are followed with no exceptions, you can surely call the cleaners to get a safe and deep cleaning of surfaces. 

Way forward – Given the indestructible nature of the virus, you need to do more than simply hiring the service of carpet stain removal in Croydon. Hence, you should engage in deep cleaning services to keep your home and family protected against the dreadful virus. Stay healthy, Stay safe!

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