What Are Some Tips to Care for Your Leather Sofa?

What Are Some Tips to Care for Your Leather Sofa?

Due to their unmatched appearance, luxurious feel, and greater durability, leather upholstery items can be a great investment choice for homeowners. These furniture items enhance the look and feel of your home by adding a touch of elegance. However, you need to be consistent with care and maintenance to increase the lifespan and protect their appearance. In this regard, while daily cleaning can be of great help, you may also have to engage professional services once in a while from a sofa cleaner in Bromley. As they have access to special gadgets and cleaning solutions, the experts can remove stubborn dirt that an ordinary vacuum cleaner may miss out on. But you sure you are cleaning your leather sofa the right way? Keep reading to learn the cleaning hacks.

Regular vacuum – It is a must that you vacuum clean your leather sofa and chairs without fail. That way you can easily remove loose dust and debris, and prevent them from getting pressed into the grain of the leather. Should you keep busy, make sure you give your couch at least a weekly hoover. Most importantly, the vacuum should be paired with a soft brush attachment to avoid damaging the fabric accidentally.

Careful placement – Not sure if you were aware of this, but let us inform you that direct sunlight can lead to colour fading and spoil the appearance of your leather furniture. Now, this may not be a direct cleaning tip, but careful placement of your upholstery can surely protect its appearance and make it look like a brand-new furniture piece. So, if your leather couch is soaking the sun rays right now, change its position to some shade immediately.

Leather conditioning – Cleaning is not enough to protect the shine and glaze of your leather sofa. You have to condition it properly using a leather preservative product. Not sure how to go about the process? Should you want, you can let an expert take charge of it and call an upholstery cleaner in Coulsdon for help. From cleaning to conditioning, only professionals can follow all the steps to restore the looks and hygiene of your upholstery products.

Special cleaning products – Have you applied a household cleaning spray to remove stains from your couch? That’s a blunder because it can dry out the leather and even form cracks on its surface. Not all cleaning products are meant to be used for cleaning your leather items. Make it a point to use products that are specially formulated for cleaning leather products only. If you have already bought such a product, test by applying it on a small patch of your sofa and see how it works. Satisfied? You can now use it to clean the rest of the surface.

Final Words – Like the tips we discussed here? Try them and see how they work for you! But, don’t forget that engaging professional services is important no matter what. Want to get your carpet cleaned as well? You may contact Luxury Clean and call the best carpet cleaner in Coulsdon. At Luxury Clean, we offer all round cleaning services at affordable rates. Whatever be your cleaning requirement, get in touch with us now.

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