Why is the Hot Water Extraction Best for Carpet Cleaning

Why is the Hot Water Extraction Best for Carpet Cleaning

Today, you’ll find no shortage of technologies for cleaning carpets and upholstery. But the question is – how do you know which one would be the best method for getting your rug or carpet cleaned? Is dry cleaning better than steam cleaning? Or will steam cleaning be more effective than hot water extraction? Are you searching with carpet cleaning near me? Can’t decide which company to pick based on the cleaning method it uses? In this blog, we tell the reasons why you should go for the hot water extraction method. This cleaning technique is highly effective and more than a catchphrase in the cleaning industry. If you want to all about it, just sit back, relax, and keep reading.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning – What Is the Process All About?

Understanding this cleaning method is pretty simple and no rocket science. Basically, the carpet cleaners use industry-standard gadgets for injecting hot water into the fabric under high pressure. So, it’s the combined power of hot water and high pressure that helps in the restoration of your dirty and stained carpet. The specialists use a range of tools like an HWE machine, a vacuum cleaner, stain removal products, and regular cleaning cloths. However, this list of tools may vary from one cleaning company to another although the core idea remains the same. Usually, the cleaners perform pre-treatment and agitation before the hot water extraction. Before handing over, they also dry and groom the carpet to perfection.

Find here the Benefits of Opting for Hot Water Extraction

Deep suction cleaning – When you know that your carpet cleaner uses the hot water extraction method, you can stay assured of deep cleaning. Unlike dry cleaning, this technique does not simply stop at superficial surface cleaning. It goes deep into the fibre and extracts the deeply-settled dirt by using high pressure. As a result, your carpet or upholstery will look super fresh and hygienic when cleaned by this technique. To give it a try, call your carpet or sofa cleaner today!

Mild and effective – Do you know what is the best part? Unlike other cleaning methods, the detergent is used in less quantity in the hot water extraction. Since the water-detergent ratio remains highly favourable towards the water, this technique does leave chemical residue in the fabric of your carpet or upholstery after the treatment. The perfect balance of mildness and effectiveness is what that makes hot water extraction stand out.

Suitable for natural fibre cleaning – Worried if this technique can clean your carpet made of natural fibre without damaging it? While dry cleaning is insufficient for getting rid of rigid dirt, steam cleaning may shrink the fabric. Opting for hot water extraction can help you avert all these problems. It is by far the most effective and eco-friendly way of getting your carpet cleaned.

Closing Thoughts –Not only does the hot water extraction offer long-lasting cleaning results, but it also helps in extending the lifespan of your carpet. So, the next time you search with carpet cleaning near me, make sure you go for a company using hot water extraction technique. At Luxury Clean, the friendly staff deep cleans your carpet, upholstery, and rugs without giving you any chance of complaining. To book monthly services or one-time cleaning, contact the team at the soonest.

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